Posterity Measures

by Brian Dickens

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"Posterity Measures" was a big long ugly project until it wasn't.

I turned off the metronome, took off the headphones and recorded this whole album in about one week. The songs came up over a longer time, about three years. They're stories about my life that I want to keep telling instead of letting them fall victim to my crappy memory gained by bad habit and concussions sustained throughout my life. Thus, this album is called "Posterity Measures".

I've always taken on great stress just to get my songs in some quasi permanent form so others could dig it. I thought, I'm not someone who is trying very hard to be on the radio (although I would be if I wanted to, because I'm persistent, eager and humble to boot).

I think that the longer it takes for me to create a new collection of works, the less I'm focusing on the world around me. The less songs I write, the less positive that work ends up being. But I gotta write songs to keep myself sane and not suffer the process of trying to make crystaline, radio-ready masterpieces. If you can do that, go get em. Like Meghan Trainor. Don't be like me, be like Meghan Trainor.

Until the next record- enjoy.

Much love,


released March 8, 2017

Produced by Brian Dickens in his home using Apple Garageband and Audacity. All songs are one take into an SM58. Strumming on a $200 Yamaha guitar from Gordon LaSalle music in Leominster MA, strung up with strings from City Music in Gardner MA.

Muchas gracias to Marc at City Music for his setting up of the guitar and his continued support over the past decade.



all rights reserved


Brian Dickens Winchendon, Massachusetts

Brian Dickens, townie folk punk minstrel, b. 1991. Acoustic stuff all over the map. Unrelentingly autobiographical.

"A little much."

Dashboard Confessional meets Dave Dondero meets Phil Ochs. Yeah.

contact: dickens.brian
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Track Name: Concussion
will you ever love your friends
enough to tell them that their ends
will duplicate their brutal means
with inconvenient accuracy

and I’m down for breaking the law
if it means helping you to saw
through loneliness with radical love
in coffeeshops and legion halls

but if you wanna make those people trade getting beat on
for jamming out to all of their favorite songs
then you’ll hear argument from me
cause a concussion is no concession

if you were really all about seeking revenge
and death before dishonor I wish you’d send
a similar fashion of passion to solving
all of the ills that keep your friends from evolving

will you ever love your friends
enough to stop and remember when
3 chords and a scream could save you all
from curling into balls

but sometime along the way
you came to think it would be safe
to just give in and self destruct
that you weren’t good enough

to ever really change those peoples days
from dreary delusions, from utter confusion
well I once thought the same for myself
but being cold never kept me warm

and if you give it time I think you’ll find
no difference between your heart and mine
cause our motivations are coinciding,
but you use your fists, and I use flowers and rhyming
Track Name: Get Rid Of The Greed
I’m not gunna wait until I turn 30
to start voting my conscience
and I don’t even care what bernie told me
although it’s perfectly clear to me what he meant
we're all sick of incrementalism
waiting for capitalism
the produce the cure we know we need
it’s a moral revolution and the obvious solution
is to get rid of the greed

can’t afford to wait for this party duopoly
to split up or divide just like a cell
and I don’t even care what obama asked me
they can figure it all out for themselves
be it neoliberalism
or honest conservatism
their best work is no vaccine
I think the time is getting nigh
to bite our tongues, to finally try
to get rid of the greed

I’m not gunna wait til my folks retire
to get them the healthcare they deserve
and I don’t even care what hillary told me
I won’t grade my politicians on the curve
democratic socialism looks to be a better way
to grow more perfect and more free
but it’s up to you as for me I’m gunna choose
to try and get rid of the greed
Track Name: Happy Couch
halloween at casa gomez
bad brains on the stereo
rubbinoff begins to flow
there’s no losing to budget boozing
until the next morning
once you’ve quit you snoring
or you wind up dead
just like your friends all said you would

hard to try and find a place
between the endless beer pong
and stumbling throngs
since all I’ve got is seven bucks
and an empty tank in my mothers truck
so I was pretty stuck
but then I struck some luck

fortunate me
I met somebody
while dancing in the living room
doing a tango with the broom
she was sitting pretty
I asked her to join me
and we spent the whole evening
just a hanging out
enjoyed each others company
until l we both heard that familiar sound

flashing red and blues
cop outside have just been sighted
guess they’re mad they weren’t invited
thanks be to the negotiator
tells em that we’re good and sober
feeds em lies over and over
sorry sir we’ll rage quieter
till you turn the corner

we were hanging out on happy couch
cause no one even got arrested
or breathylizer tested
so we can keep shooting that shit
until our faces start to become sore
and after that maybe I’ll get your number
so tomorrow we’ll talk some more
Track Name: Life In The Hands
I put my life in the hands of a doctor in concord
and then a carriage as my parents half consciously sauntered
to a wood covered station wagon with a big old dent in the bumper
that my Dad put there when he got the call
that 9 months wasn't ever gunna come after all
that I was joining their party now and no one had a say in the matter
but sometimes even still I wish that I was killed
by my prenatal anxiety to explore this stupid world
so the existential sorrow could end before it began
but still I learned how to stand

I put my life in the hands of his lady named Edie
drove my bus to school made it look so easy
to hack the toxic vat that we were both nearing
I came to bear the terror that I knew awaited
their hurting cooercion their five letter grading
but baby by the end of the day, Edie and I'd be hanging
blasting WAAF and putting her speakers to the test
and all the others would protest and request
a new soundtrack for their ride, she'd turn the big mirror,
look them straight in their eyes, and say,
don't ask me again to change it to 94.5

I put my life in the hands of a WALMART clerk
she sold me my first AC/DC record
and who knew the trouble I'd get into for just ten dollars
got the hang of the blues in a texas flood
I came to stand the weather with Stevie Ray's sun
I stood atop a stack of my Mom's vinyls to feel taller
but I keep tuning out my Dad
when he asks man what's your backup plan
when your stagelights dim and your flyers rip
and you're 36, still living out of a van
and I'm working on an answer but until then
I hope he likes me songs and even if they're sad

but I see it in his stares
when I talk at him it's like I'm not even there
but most days I might agree
I'm elsewhere cooking up a dream
Track Name: Twenty One
when I met you last week, you meant everything to me
I was dreaming in the backseat, didn't need anyone but you
and next week, you'll turn 21, army's gunna snap you up and run
float you down to Florida, ship you to Chicago, stone sober
you and your fiance both

let it be no question, at any second, I could go outta breath
if I had to tell someone all the reasons why
I'm so grateful that you were there,
when no one else was around to care
you were the only one who came to the hospital
when I didn't think a better world was possible

you've made it easy for me to see
that anybody who says they've never died inside
is positively full of it, with a life so long
you're bound to mess up half of the trip
and no happiness is ever out there looking for you
so reaching out is all that you can ever really do

so if there's someone who gives you their sun
when you can't find none
and never asks for nothing in return
my advice would be to keep them close
and not to hold your tears
if you've got to let them go,
let them go
Track Name: Live This Long
I didn't think I'd need to brush my teeth but they up and fell right out of me and my collection of cavities from needle pricks for pain to ease- I'll get dentures by my midlife crisis, gingivitis strong, I never knew I'd have to care, I can’t believe that I'd live this long

I didn't think to audit my carbohydrate intake, I got adjusted to the sour stomach from the years of shit I ate, I got sluggish blood, now it's too late, my hearts been beating wrong, I don't believe it's come to this, I never knew that I'd live this long

I didn't think I'd have to save my lungs for when I got done being a punk and so now I cough a ton, whooping sputters aren't so much fun they aren't too much fun, but I guess that's what I get for years of living out of a bong, I didn't think of growing up, I didn't think that I'd live this long

I didn't think I'd have to save my cash I thought my self too smart for that, if I went broke so what, I'd just pack my stuff, I'd go back on home and live with my dad, to piss him off for five more years while I bend our brittle bond, I never thought I'd need a roof, I never knew that I'd live this long

didn't think I'd have to treat my friends like I could love em straight to the end, cause I always thought it would be once they saw my real life and the strife I was bound to then, but since then I've smacked my self and seen the joy my life has drawn, I finally think I've come around, I'm awful glad that I've lived this long
Track Name: Paper, Ink, Patience
wealth inflation, righteous indignation
done unto my friends and their parents all the same
a fickle forecast trusted nonetheless
forgone conclusions are the day to day
no ski mask guarding their complexion
no randomness in their selection
but I've got paper, ink and patience
proper time to finally start relating
on what's killing us

suffocated spending eliminates investing
in anything that keeps your soul awake
a holy vision listens for the future
the loudest minds just sit and quietly wait
to get the news of who's who, what's in, and what's out
anything to keep us people from talking about
what's killing us

I'm getting worried bout what's gunna happen to my folks
when they can't work and all their memories start to go
will they be able to afford their medication
or will they suffer underneathe a generation
that thinks health is for the rich and sickness for the poor
begging the question- should we be paying for
what's killing us

why keep your faith in what doesn't ask for it
why keep the garbage inside of you
spit it out, spit it out if it makes you sick
don't bend and call it an acquired taste
it's not enough to question the cooks
to wrinkle your nose to boycott the stores
you must build your own world
and never get tired of diggin round for the source
of what's killing us

end bit recorded by Brian Huntress for his wonderful self care and music podcast.
Track Name: In The Living Room (Dying)
sitting in the living dying and crying
all about all the things that I’ll never get to see
a manned mission to saturn and toy story ten
and the conversion of earth into speckles of cosmic carbon
the return of our waters to natural depths
the fading of human sorrow and stress
and hair growing back on the top of my head
the eventual forgetting of everything I ever said

sitting in the living room dying and crying
all about all the things that I’ll never get to hear
like the new janis joplin or an end to the coughing
of us pitiful people trapped in our atmosphere
or a latent transmission from alien life
calling us out for malice and spite
applause from my grandpa, a voicemail from god

sitting in the living room dying and crying
all about all the things that I’ll never come to know
like why millenial parents don’t vaccinate
and why conservatives and liberals can’t seem to relate
or the cause of the pain that racks our world
why people stay in their shells when they’re pearls
or why god made me flowery but not quite queer
or why harvey milk and mayor moscone can't be here

sitting in the living room dying and crying
all about all the things for which I always sing
for the love of my family and my efforts
to figure out myself eventually
for the wonder and magic in every cloud
and the restless worms chilling out in the ground
who will manipulate my matter once I’ve tired it out
what will free me to god
and how I’m free from all that for now
Track Name: It All Shuts Off (Explicit)
once was night where I sat behind my eyes
and I felt around inside for a darker shade of truth
and not just the kind that I feel so much is mine
but the type that you find once stop losing your cool
and you rest in it instead
and try to feel welcome in your own head
seek to mute the ticking of your clock
and quit giving a fuck that it all shuts off

once saw myself on a pennsylvania porch
picking my phone to receive some bitter news
from my brother back home says this veteran we know
and we love left his soul and is heading for his tomb
and I hung up and cried in the dawning night
wondering if when he died
he took one last breath as to cough,
and said “I don’t give a fuck that it all shuts off”

once just for kicks gave my nana a lift
for a casino trip that I hated every bit of
but I confess I don’t regret that mess
even though she was crude and so awfully rude
since in three months in she was gone
leaving so much to think on
echoing question doesn’t stop:
did she give too much of a fuck that it all shuts off

once had a winter where I found the fuel
for a mortal confusion that burnt my hair
as I was counseling kids on the overnight shift
and compared my concerns to their more real affairs
and I saw myself to be quite the fool
as I chaperoned their boarding school
I put my palm to my face and I thought
"why do I give a fuck that it all shuts off?”